Creating a Luxurious Sunroom

Many people love the idea of a sunroom – until they get one. Then they are left scratching their head, thinking, “What should I do with my sunroom?”

The truth is, it isn’t as perplexing or difficult as you might think. With a little creativity and some practical decisions, you can have a gorgeous sunroom that works for whatever purpose you have for it.

Here are some common uses for a sunroom and ideas for decorating it.

Breakfast Nook

Sunrooms let in an abundance of natural light which makes them perfect breakfast nooks. Start with a few basic pieces, such as a table and chairs. If space permits, you might include a sideboard or baker’s rack. The key is to stick with light pieces like rattan or wicker, a glass top table, or café style table and chairs. Just about any color will work, but you don’t want heavy pieces because they will overburden the lightness of the space.

Greenhouse or Indoor Garden

A baker’s rack can make an attractive potting station. Use cobblestone or planks for the flooring, keeping in mind that easy cleanup is key. Add planters, raised containers, and even ground containers for a lovely indoor garden. Depending on what you are growing, you may need to add some lighting. A large swing with comfy pillows gives you a nice place to sit and enjoy your little garden.

Family Room

A sunroom is a great space for the family to gather. Rattan sofas, oversized rattan chairs, and lots of pillows and throws make this family room welcoming and relaxing. A sideboard deftly hides boardgames and craft supplies. Add a small wet bar in a corner with a mini fridge and you’ll have everything you need for a fun family night.

Kids’ Playroom

Lay some indoor/outdoor carpet for quick clean ups and throw down some colorful rugs along with kid sized bean bag chairs, a small easel, and a pint-sized table and chairs for an enchanting kids’ play room. Stow away toys in baskets along the wall and include mats for nap time. The little ones will spend hours happily exploring the sunny wonderland you’ve created for them.

Home Office

Studies show that natural light boost productivity. Depending on the size of your sunroom, you can put a small desk and chair to one side and convert a pretty baker’s rack into an attractive bookcase. And don’t forget to tuck a rattan sofa in a secluded corner just in case you ever need a power nap. A desk lamp and pedestal fan round out the necessities. The décor that makes your office uniquely yours is all up to you.

Craft Room

All that natural light is sure to get your creative juices flowing when you turn your sunroom into a craft room. Find shelving and cabinets that fit the space – just remember to keep it light. A desk or table with a sturdy chair (and a cute cushion) and an adjustable lamp give you a workspace for all your craftiness.

Entertaining Guests

When guests come calling it’s nice to receive them in a special space that is comfortable and away from the hustle and bustle of the family affairs. Lush upholstery on a rattan sectional with oversized chairs and several tables creates a welcoming environment. A wet bar in the corner makes it easy to entertain whether you are serving adult beverages or sodas and tea. A few fans can also help to move the air around and create nice breeze so everyone is comfortable.

Sacred Sanctuary

Create your space your way and use your sunroom as your personal sanctuary. Include lots of greenery, a hammock with cozy pillows and throws, a fan or two, and even a small fountain. There’s so much you can do to make your space functional. A few string lights and an oversized chair create a nice reading nook. Just look for the possibilities that the space presents then just add your personal touch.

Valley Drapery & Upholstery has all the furnishing, blinds, shades, and draperies that you need to decorate your sunroom and turn it into a space that is perfect for you or your family. Call today to speak with one of our talented designers or browse our gallery for ideas, then give us a call and let us help bring your creativity to life.

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