Interior Design Styles For Show-Stopping Homes

The beauty of interior design is that there is something for everyone. You can have the style you want and create a space that is uniquely yours while still creating a home that is polished and balanced.

There are so many different styles out there but knowing the basics can help you create the look you want while maintaining order and having a beautiful home that reflects exactly who you are. These interior design styles do just that.

Mid-century modern

This interior décor style is typically defined as the design period that began in the mid-1930s and runs through the late 1960s. It is marked by a heavily retro vibe but not kitschy. The lines are clean and traditional which can reflect a futuristic feel without venturing into the contemporary style. Furniture reupholstery can make the things better. The furniture pieces are mostly replicas of mid-century décor, but occasionally you can find some great authentic period pieces.

Industrial style

Industrial has a cool, urban feel that features a rawness in many of the elements and unfinished pieces or features. This style doesn’t hide the nitty gritty but instead embraces it by revealing exposed brick, unfinished wood, and even ductwork with high ceilings. The furniture is functional but sparse with metal light fixtures that dangle from the ceiling. The colors are neutral, but some abstract art or handmade art is often added as a pop of color and a creative touch.Wood shutters los angeles will give a unique look to your space.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse is like a step up from shabby chic, but it relies heavily on salvaged pieces, reclaimed wood, and barn or country themed details throughout. Wide plank floors and sliding barn doors made from reclaimed wood are often the stars. The result is a subtly sophisticated but never stuffy décor that gives your room a comfy feel so it stands up as well to family night on Saturday night as it does to a formal dinner party.

Contemporary interior design

Contemporary style is typically thought to be cool and sleek with clean lines and a modern vibe that doesn’t sell out to trendy. The truth is though that contemporary is actually pretty versatile and flexible. It can be tailored to the person but still fit the contemporary ticket. It can go artistic, or whimsical, feature an element of surprise, or employ a clever use of texture. You can truly customize it to reflect your own tastes and style.

Transitional style

This popular style takes bits and pieces of both modern design and traditional to create a space that finds a nice balance between the two. Often modern materials like glass and steel are introduced alongside plush, luxe furnishings. The colors tend to be neutral, but not in an offputting way. It gives off a sleek yet stylish vibe that is inviting but sophisticated and warm but elegant. A bold focal point such as a strongly patterned rug or a unique table gives the room an interesting place for the eyes to land. It is uncluttered but lived in and a place to relax at home or entertain guests.

If you are thinking about changing your design style or you just want to freshen up your room, give us a call. At Valley Upholstery and Drapes we have what you need to create a space that is beautifully yours. Furniture upholstery los angeles is available here that too at affordable pricing.Call today and talk to one of our interior designers to get started.

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