Are Window Shutters a Good Investment?

Window shutters have long been a functional component of many homes, although at some point a few non-functional varieties have cropped up over the years. As interest and popularity is enjoying a renewed surge, more people are shopping for shutters and asking if they are a good investment.

Here’s our take so you can make an informed decision for your own  needs and style.

Types of Window Shutters

There are many different shutters types and styles. You can visit our showroom to see the wide selection that we have to offer. When choosing your shutters, take into consideration your home’s style as well as whether your shutters will be functional or decorative. This will go a long way in narrowing down your choices.

Some of the more popular shutter styles include:

  • Raised panel shutters – Beveled edges and a flat or solid interior surface
  • Louvered shutters – Angled slats that may open and close (functional) or remain stationary (non-functional) with a solid “frame”
  • Board and batten shutters – Several vertical planks or slats with two or more horizontal planks that overlap and hold it together
  • Bahama shutters – Louvered shutters that hinge at the top and can be opened partially or completely and closed to seal the window
  • Arched shutters – Any style of shutters with an arched top
  • Bi-fold shutters that open and close – Two panels that are hinged together, can be louvered or solid
  • Double hung shutters that open and close – Two sets of shutters, single or bi-fold, that are stacked on top of each other
  • Shaker shutters – Shutter panels placed horizontally (not louvers) set either flush together or spaced

Benefits of Window Shutters

While non-functional shutters may increase curb appeal, functional shutters offer several great benefits. They increase privacy and security which is a big selling point for many homeowners. Window shutters also help to lower energy bills because they can help to keep outdoor temps from affecting indoor temps. Most styles provide a good deal of insulation from external noise and light. When well maintained, exterior window shutters are long lasting and very durable, even in harsh weather environments. They also are easy to open and close, often accessible from inside the home.

Are Window Shutters a Good Investment?

The value of window shutters depends on the homeowner. Most people will find the benefits to be very valuable, but some may prefer other types of window treatments. Some people may be very interested in the increased appraisal value that window shutters add to their home while others have no interest. Ultimately, it is up to the homeowner to decide what they want and what benefits are important to them. For most homeowners, window shutters are indeed a good investment. Are window shutters a good investment for you? Only you can answer that.

At Valley Drapery & Upholstery our designers will help you find the best looks for your home, inside and out. Whether you want functionality or decorative components in your décor and furnishings, we can help you make the best selections that reflect your unique, personal style. Call today or visit our showroom to get started and let the transformation begin.

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