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5 Glamorous and Plush Interior Design Styles for Home and Office

There are so many different interior design styles for all different tastes but these are for those who prefer a little more glamour or pizzazz. Walk through these ritzy design styles and see if your next room glow-up is here.

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Art Deco style

Bold and elegant with plenty of glamour, the art deco style has its roots in postwar America and Europe. Its strong lines and striking geometry provide a sensual experience of symmetry and order. The patterns are more angular with bold lines and curves.
Its layered designs speak to form and function with lots of lacquered wood, chrome, glossy paint, mirrored elements, brass fittings, and sprinkled glass. A distinctive feature is the up and down lighters that are the starn of this style.

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Vintage style

While most people think of flea markets, thrift stores, and antique markets when they think of vintage style, the truth is, not everything that is old has that vintage vibe. This is more about appearance than the age of the piece or look. It is reminiscent of the 40s and 50s just after WWII when people were working to rebuild their homes. Many had to mix and match just to furnish their home. There was no real rhyme or reason.

Today, it is a charming, homey, and slightly glamorous design style that has an impressive following. The motifs and patterns often contrast along with silhouettes and profiles. The colors are typically neutral and light with a pop of color to provide some impact.

Hollywood Regency (Hollywood Glam)

If you are enamored with the 1930s glamour of the Golden Age of the movie industry in America, this is your style. The décor is lavish and speaks to the elegance and glam of Hollywood’s top film stars of the time. This is not retro though, make no mistake. It is a timeless collection of the best of the best trends and styles of the time. It is opulent. It is Hollywood.

The interiors are open plan so they are spacious, sprawling, and uncluttered. The furniture is surprisingly simple with flavors of the mid-century style. What does stand out with the furnishings though are the metallics, glossy surfaces, brass and gold finishes, and bright colors. It is bold and vibrant with high contrast patterns but tons of glitter and luxury.

Hollywood Regency (Hollywood Glam)

French country

While the name implies something simple and plain, the truth is, French country design is elegant, luxurious, and inspired. It is comfortable with an elegance that is more relaxed and casual but still refined and with an understated glamour.

The fabrics are typically muted colors with soft patterns. Hence, it would be the one that has to be kept in mind while buying custom curtains in Los Angeles. The vintage furnishings set the stage for painted and distressed schemes for not only the furniture but also the walls and accessories. This style is also marked by plenty of natural materials, namely wood. It is very customizable but the understated glamour is a constant presence.

Hamptons style

The Hamptons style was once called coastal, but it is slowly making a separation from that design and coming into its own. It has a beachy sophistication that offers little glimpses of glamour and a luxurious, high-brow feel.

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The colors of interiors are often whitewashed, bright, and light with a calming feel that lacks pretension. It closely mirrors the French interior design styles like Empire, Rococo, and Baroque. The floors are natural timber and there is a feeling of lightness and open space that calls you in.

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