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Introducing your Kids to the art of Interior Design

Interior design is all about creativity and self-expression, but adults shouldn’t get all the fun. Introducing your children to the art of design at an early age by allowing them to decorate their own space encourages individuality and opens up their creativity, allowing them to express themselves.

This doesn’t mean that you need to release your child, no holds barred, to decorate their room any way they wish – although that certainly is an option if you are that brave. What it does mean is that with your guidance or with the help of a professional designer, they can create a space that is uniquely their own.

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Give them a range of choices.

Going to the paint store and telling your child, “OK, take your pick,” is not likely to end well. They could get overwhelmed or make a choice that they are not happy with. Instead, give them a range of several carefully selected options. Begin by talking to them about their vision for the room, favorite colors, and if they have a theme in mind. From there, select several colors based on their preferences and present that to them so they can choose.

Educate them on interior design styles.

There are so many different design styles out there and even if your child goes a more eclectic route, they can still benefit from a little education on different design styles. If nothing else, it can stir up those creative juices and provide some great inspiration. Look at magazines, find different styles on the internet, or visit a showroom if there is one near you. That will allow them to see the colors, textures, and styles in action and it may inspire them to follow suit in their own space.

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Explore window treatments together.

Windows are an important part of a room but are often largely ignored. Any window treatments are an afterthought, but when done well good window treatments can transform a room. Walk your child through blinds, shades, drapes, curtains, and even shutters so they can discover their own tastes and preferences. Explain that part of the role of window treatments is for aesthetics but the other part is functional. Different blinds and shades block sunlight to different degrees. Some curtains do the same thing while others are sheer and pretty, letting the sunlight in.

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Let them choose the accent pieces.

If letting them choose their paint and window treatments is just too much, scale it down by letting them
select the accent pieces that they want for their space. Look at pictures to get some inspiration, then go out
and look at antique shops, thrift stores, and small boutiques to find the accent items that will make their room
all theirs.

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Display their personal artwork.

If your child enjoys painting, sketching, photography, sculpture, or other art forms, encourage them to show those items off in their room. Find creative ways to display their art and make it a significant part of their décor. This not only instills confidence in them but also adds a very personal touch to their space.

If you want to introduce your child to the art of interior design, we would love to be a part of their education. You can browse our portfolio with them or stop by our showroom. Our designers can also work with your child to design the perfect space. And remember, it’s never too early to encourage artistic abilities in your child.

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