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Handmade Art: Making a Statement that’s Uniquely You

Handmade art is unique and personal. When you display it in your home it can change the feel of the room, warming it up and taking it from just another pretty room with nice décor to your room that reflects your tastes.

LA has a rich, inspiring artist population. There are several communities scattered around the city, so you have no shortage of opportunities to find your next great art piece to give your home a touch of your own personality.

Incorporating art into your home décor.

When you are adding art in your home you are essentially adding a little piece of yourself. Art is very personal, intimate, and sharing those parts of yourself through the art you display transforms the room from a show place to living space.

Art is nice when you have just one piece, but more is better. You can have pieces from different artists or create a collection of several pieces from just one artist. Hanging prints of different sizes, shapes, and styles adds an artistic touch that is interesting and personal. Just make sure that you use matching frames for all the artwork in your collection or space.

Not all art has to go on the wall. You can lean a group of photos or paintings against a wall. The important thing is to make sure your art reflects you.

Choosing handmade art for your home.

When you are choosing handmade art for your home, you might be tempted to just pick up pieces that look nice. That is a good plan, but it is better to find pieces that speak to you. After all, it’s art. Someone made it with their own hands, pouring their soul and emotion into it. Let yourself become emotionally connected to the piece. That is when you know you have to bring it home.

Many people approach handmade art purchases with the mindset that they are going to match the décor in their home. The truth is, you can fit art in your home just as it is. You may need to make some small tweaks here and there, but for the most part, if that art speaks to your soul then it will work in your room.

Size is important if you have a small living area. You want your art to fit in your space. That would be a consideration you need to make – or find another space for the art.

Where to find handmade art.

There are small art communities all over LA. These are some of the most popular places where you can find handmade art:

These are just a few of the artist communities. There are many, many more.

Incorporating handmade art into your home décor can be an uplifting, personal experience. Take some tome to find great art, support a local artist, and make your space a little more your own.

Having trouble incorporating your handmade art into your room? Our designers at Valley Upholstery and Drapes can help. Call and make an appointment today and our designers will be happy to help you make the most of your space and your art.

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