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Take Your AirBNB to the Next Level

Decorating your AirBNB, guest house, cabana, or mother in law quarters can be a delightful adventure in creativity. When you have guests, whether they are renting your space (like an AirBNB) or they are visiting and staying at your place, they expect an environment that is more homey than it is hotel-y.

In other words, the sterile, generic décor of your typical hotel room won’t make your AirBNB property popular. It won’t invite your guests to kick off their shoes and settle into the space as it if was their home. It will, however, be a reminded that the space is NOT their home, and they better not get too comfortable.

And you don’t want that to happen.

So where do you start? How do you decorate your AirBNB? How do you create a space that people will want to return to again and again?

These AirBNB décor ideas will help.

Who are Your Guests?

If you are decorating your guest house, think about the people who will be staying there. You probably know them fairly well so it should be pretty easy to decide on a style or some unique touches that will make the space welcoming for them.

In terms of an AirBNB, the question is who do you want to attract? Think about these people and design your property around them. Are they families with children? Tourists? Business travelers? Think about things that will speak to them specifically. For instance, a tourist will probably like maps of the area, local products and décor, and other touches that give the local vibe. On the other hand, families may want ideas for family oriented activities and a simpler décor that is kid friendly.

Choose a Theme

Give your guests a unique experience. AirBNB guests expect it and visitors staying in your guest house will be pleasantly surprised. Let your space transport them to a place that is different from their lives. When they step through the door, they should feel like they’ve been transported to another time or place.

Sea themes are always a hit, but it’s OK to get creative too. A property that is all about the local flavor or your area will certainly draw tourists. Create a luxury theme by using opulent materials and adding little touches like plush spa pillows and gilded accents. Using a specific era for your theme can also be fun.

However, keep the touches subtle and tasteful. You typically don’t want to go overboard because that can be off-putting to some guests.

Use a Neutral Base

You really can’t go wrong with a good, neutral base. Start with neutral colored walls and then accent with your theme pieces. Include several neutral pieces of furniture and add a couple of accent pieces. And don’t forget the door mat! Find one that works with your theme for a fun touch. You can also find a good anchor piece and decorate around it.

Starting with a neutral base also allows you to change the theme without doing a major overhaul on the property. It would means simply changing some pictures, swapping out furniture, and adding some different fabrics, window coverings, and artistic touches.

Whether you are decorating your AirBNB, revamping your guest house, or finding your own personal style in your home, Valley Drapery & Upholstery can help. Our talented, knowledgeable designers can help you find the style that is right for you, or you can browse our many décor ideas and find custom pieces that speak to you. Visit us today to discover the beauty of design style of the highest caliber.

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