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How to Use Draperies to Enhance the Look of Your Home

Draperies are a great way to enhance the beauty of your home and adding to its perceived value. They give an air of elegance to any room and can set the tone for the vibe of the room.

With so many décor styles though, it isn’t always easy to know what drapery styles are most complimentary to certain décor styles. Classic interior décor style and contemporary interior décor style are both very popular in homes across the country.

Knowing the differences in the two styles as well as what defines them and how draperies fit into the equation will help keep your rooms balanced and your décor consistent.

How Do I Know My Decorating Style?

If you aren’t sure what your decorating style it, do a little research. Look through decorating magazines, look at websites like our own décor portfolio, or have a decorator come into your home and help you.

If you have several styles going on in one room and you want to pull it all together, a consultant, like the experts at Valley Drapery & Upholstery can really help. They will work with you to develop your own unique, personal décor style so that your home reflects who you are.

And it often begins with the draperies.

What is Contemporary Style in Interior Design?

Contemporary style is clean, welcoming, airy, and comfortable. It is not pretentious but simple and subtly sophisticated. The space is the focal as opposed to the things in the room.

Draperies used in the contemporary style enhance the window and those immediate spaces but also add to the ambience of the room itself. They are typically black, white, or neutral colors with a heavier texture that warms and softens the space.

Busy, colorful prints interrupt the peaceful vibe of the room, but calmer, two tone prints work quite well. The key is that the drapes don’t stand out but bring out the beauty of the room and support or anchor the furniture it contains.

What is Classic Style in Interior Design?

The classic style usually has a retro element or feel to it. The decorative elements draw from the opulence of the classic Greek and Roman age.

Where contemporary is quiet and simple, classic is more flamboyant – but not in a garish or pretentious sense. Think the beautiful farm girl and the stunning regal queen. They are both lovely in their own right but one just like a few more baubles and bangles.

Classic décor utilizes the best of the best with quality materials like cherry, mahogany, and oak as well as marble and bronze. Window treatments are high quality, rich, with a bit of antiquity – but in a royal sense, not run of the mill.

Drapery colors are neutral and light with the core function of highlighting the noble materials used within the room. The window treatments lend a rich feel but also work to balance out the room. Everything works together to achieve the feeling of grandeur and opulence.

Are you ready to add some style to your home? We can help you find the one that is right for you with draperies, upholstery and more. Contact Valley Drapery & Upholstery today to consult with one of our talented decorators and turn your home into a showplace that reflects all that you are.

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