Red drapes on iron rods and rings

Drapery Styles for a Beautiful Home

There are so many different drapery styles available it can be difficult to choose. As a rule, draperies are heavier and often lined so they block the light well. So, do you install sheers behind your drapes and pull them back? Or maybe you install roller blinds. Or maybe you just let the drapes have all the glory on their own.

When looking at drapes, you have no shortage of options. Do you get a set that come to the floor or pool on the floor? What type of fabric do you want? What color?

Eventually though you get to the way the drapes are made, how they hang from the rod. Are they straight or do they have pleats and tucks? This guide will help you understand the different drapery styles that are available to you.

Cubicle Drapery

This is a very simple style, but it is very popular due to its flexibility and functionality. Small grommets run across the top and attach to hook carriers. This allows the drapes to glide effortlessly on its track.

Goblet Drapery

This is a very sophisticated drapery style and tends to be more formal or best used in rooms that are more formal in nature and the draperies are not used much. The tucks at the top of the drapes are similar to the inverted pleat but are more shaped or crafted to give it a puffed, goblet appearance.

Grommet Drapery

As you might suspect by the name, the grommet drapery hangs on a rod, attached by grommet rings. The grommets often come in different colors and even different materials so they can be chosen to match the drapery fabric and the home décor. It has deep folds running along its length, giving it a dramatic, stunning appearance.

Inverted Pleat Drapery

This is a more casual drapery even though the pleats are precise and neat. The drapes have a feel that is relaxed and more laid back, but it is still best used for decoration. They are not well suited for daily use and not recommended to frequent closing and opening. Light can be controlled though by using a roller shade behind the drapes.

Pinch Pleat Drapery

Pinch pleats are beautiful, classic, and subtly elegant. The shape is very striking with the pleats pinch at 4 inches from the drape top. Stiff fabric holds the style in place, so it keeps its shape. This makes it a hardier style and can be used daily. It stands up well to frequent opening and closing.

Ripple Fold Drapery

This popular drapery style is one of the easiest to operate and has optimal functionality. It moves very easily along its track and can be paired with other fabrics either more sheer or heavier.

Rod Pocket Drapery

The rod pocket is a more casual drapery style with a classic, traditional, comfortable feel. The fabric is gathered near the rod pockets, creating a fullness in the drapes. They are not the best choice for everyday use because they work best when the panels are stationary.

Tailored Pleat Drapery

The tailored pleat is another classic drapery style. It is fuller with waterfall pleats along the top. They are held securely in place with stiff fabric, so they work well for daily use.

Whatever drapery style you are looking for, you can find it at Valley Drapery & Upholstery. Contact us today to talk to a specialist who will help you find the perfect style for your home.

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