The Beachwood Sofa

Beachwood Sofa in
Forest Moss

Our understated and tremendously comfortable floor sofa brings a new perspective to any room. Whether having friends over for coffee or reading a book quietly by yourself, the Beachwood Sofa offers endless possibilities. 



Handmade in Los Angeles.
From $1299.

Natural Linen
Beachwood Sofa Natural Linen
Two Base Sizes

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Using our 30 years of upholstery experience we sought to design a piece that functions just as well for a midday nap as it does for spending time with the kids. Each sofa is handcrafted at our factory in Los Angeles by individual artisans who make sure each piece is completed to perfection from start to finish.

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The Beachwood Sofa is designed to be used against a wall.
To build your sofa, add pieces to the cart. Our lead time is currently 6-8 weeks.