When is it Time to Replace Your Drapes?

Draperies are not necessarily something that you think of changing, especially if you aren’t changing the rest of the room. However, everything has a shelf life and when your draperies reach the end of theirs, they can have a negative impact on the look and feel of the décor in your room.

Is it time to replace your drapes? Here’s how to tell.

How Long do Draperies Last?

The lifespan of draperies depends on the type and of course the quality of the materials.

  • Lined Draperies – 5 years
  • Unlined Draperies – 4 years
  • Sheer Draperies – 3 years
  • Sheer Curtains – 3 years
  • Glass Fiber Draperise – 4 years
  • Glass Fiber Curtains – 3 years
  • Blinds – 7 to 8 years

While age is certainly a factor, it should not be the only factor. You need to also look at how well they have been maintained, the environment they are in, frequency of use, and other elements that may influence longevity and viability.

Signs that it’s Time to Replace Your Drapes

Even with optimal care, there comes a time when you need to replace your drapes. This may come sooner than the average lifespan, or you may be able to get a few extra years out of your them. Here are a few ways you can tell that it’s time to replace your drapes:

  • They are simply too old to be repaired
  • It isn’t worth the cost or effort to repair them
  • They are too stained or too old to clean
  • They have frayed edges
  • They have holes that you can easily see or are noticeable
  • They look or smell moldy or musty
  • They are faded
  • They show the wear and tear of being opened and closed
  • They  no longer fit your décor
  • The fabric has degraded so that you can see through them
  • They no longer do their job (i.e. block light, insulate, etc.)
  • You are tired of them

Now, many of these are subjective so you will have to decide when it is time to break up with your old draperies and get new ones. But for those that are worn or showing age or wear, it’s definitely time to retire them.

How to Make Your Draperies Last Longer

You may be able to get a little more life out of your draperies with these helpful tips.

  • Read the care label and follow it to the letter
  • Choose materials that are durable, easy to clean, and are resistant to soil and stains
  • Spot clean in between washings as soon as you notice your drapes have been stained or soiled
  • Do not allow your draperies to become extremely dirty or stained
  • Clean your draperies regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Repair any rips or fraying as soon as possible
  • Brush and /or vacuum your draperies regularly to remove dust
  • Before you store your draperies, have them cleaned

If you have draperies that you just can’t bear to part with for sentimental reasons – or any reason – find a creative use for them. Create quilts, wall hangings, or handmade art with your old draperies. It eliminated waste and allows you to hold on to something that may have emotional value for you. Throwing them away isn’t the only option.

At Valley Drapery and Upholstery we have a wide selection of drapes, curtains, blinds, and other wall treatments in an array of materials and colors. Call or visit our showroom today to dress up your windows in style.

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