Elements of a Luxurious Living Room

Luxury living rooms have long been a mark of sophistication and prestige. They exude an effortless opulence that excites all the senses from rich textured fabrics to interesting color palettes, to posh décor.

Design takes thought and careful selection of every single object within the space. There are four elements that set a luxurious living room apart from all others.


The beauty of a luxury living room is that you can plan the colors to suit your own personality. They can be bold or soft, but the key is in the color combinations:

  • Black and white
  • Charcoal or smoke and gold
  • Citrus with natural accents
  • Amber and hues of creamy yellow
  • Burnt orange and gold
  • Navy and Gold
  • Pink and mint
  • Linen or taupe and gold
  • Eggshell and rouge


Lighting is vital for any space but for the luxury living room, it helps to set the mood. Ideally, there should be good natural light either from several windows or a skylight, or both. This should be supplemented with elegant lamps and lighting from decorative wall sconces, a chandelier, or pendulum lights.

The starkness of an overhead light detracts from the overall mood, so creative lighting using decorative fixtures is what you want. Look for lamps that are great statement pieces, adding drama to the space.


The textures of the upholstery, drapes, and walls bring a richness to the room. Luxury is sensual. It’s about what you can touch and see and how it makes you feel. So look for textures that engage the senses. Natural woods, woven fabrics, and silk, all can be used to create not just a luxurious living room, but a luxurious experience.

Wall upholstery provides the color and texture to bring excitement to the room. The contrast of smooth walls and an upholstered wall within the same space creates that luxurious experience and can also work as a focal point for the room.

Focal Point

Every room has a focal point. It can be a piece of furniture, a piece of art, a sculpture, or an upholstered wall. In a luxury living room, that focal point piece really has to pop. Look for interesting, unique pieces to use as a focal, something that reflects your personality and style.

In the Los Angeles area, there are a number of artisans who create unique pieces of art. If you want something that is truly one of a kind, that is a great place to start. Whatever you select though, make sure that it really makes a statement. The mood of the entire space will originate with that focal piece.

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