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Are Exterior Shutters Still in Style?

If you are having a little trouble keeping up with home design styles, you aren’t alone. They change pretty regularly and sometimes can vary from one geographical region to another. It can be tough to keep up.

Fortunately, some design styles are classic. You can count on them year after year, season after season, to be there – probably updated, but still relevant all the same.

Still each year there are questions about what’s in style and what’s gone out. Exterior shutters are one of these décor items. They are a popular window treatment and seem like a classic – but are they really?

Let’s see if exterior shutters are still in style or if they are the dinosaurs of the home design world.

Benefits of Exterior Shutters

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that shutters definitely have some serious benefits:

  • Extra privacy
  • Added ventilation
  • Light control
  • Extra thermal insulation
  • Protection from the elements
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Noise reduction

They also make your home more attractive which increases your curb appeal.

However, useful doesn’t necessarily translate to “in style.” Or does it?

Updated Shutter Styles for 2022

Shutters existed before people were putting glass in windows. They were mostly used for protection and security. And they were likely not very stylish at all.

Today’s exterior shutters are stylish and attractive. They can be louvered, shaker style, board, and batten, plantation, and raised panel. Each gives its own unique flair to your home.

If you aren’t sure which style is right for you, give one of our designers a call and they’ll be happy to help you sort it all out. They will not only help you figure out your shutters, but they can also help you turn your entire home into a space that speaks to your own personal sense of style.

Tips for Incorporating Shutters into Your Home Decor

  • Choose a shutter style that compliments your home’s architectural style as well as the landscape around it
  • Some shutters work better with certain home styles. For instance, flat panel or raised panel shutters work best with home styles like federal, colonial, and European. Tudors, farmhouses, and cabins look best with board and batten shutters. Bahamas or Bermuda shutters really compliment a Mediterranean or tropical style home.
  • Choose a color for your shutters that will make them stand out from the exterior color of your home. You can go bold with sharply contrasting colors, or use a softer touch with more subtle contrast. Just make sure the colors work together and are not jarring or incompatible.
  • Make sure your shutters fit well. They should be about 25% to 33% of the width of your window and match the window’s length.
  • Uniformity increases the aesthetics of the home’s exterior by not drawing the eye to any single area. It’s a good idea to keep your shutters the same size.
  • You can personalize your shutters by adding pretty or whimsical cutouts and attaching them to the shutter.

If you aren’t sure how to incorporate exterior shutters into your home décor, our designers are happy to help.

Exterior Shutters are Here to Stay

Exterior shutters are definitely in style for 2022 and it doesn’t look like they will be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, you probably have several homes in your neighborhood that have shutters.

They are easy to find and easy to customize as well as easy to maintain. So if you want to make a little change and up your curb appeal, give shutters a shot. You really can’t go wrong with them.

Would you like to update your home’s exterior by adding a stylish set of shutters? At Valley Drapery & Upholstery, we have the styles you are looking for in the colors you crave. Call today to make an appointment with one of our designers or come by our showroom and see firsthand the gorgeous window treatments that are available for you.

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