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5 Interior Design Styles to Tap into Your Creativity

One of the fun aspects of decorating your home is the ability to use your creativity and let your own personal style shine through. These popular interior design styles are more artsy and encourage personal expression. This is not to say that traditional, minimalist, and other design styles are not creative, but the lines for these styles are a little blurred, meaning that you have more leeway to make a bold personal statement.


The eclectic interior design style is the rabble-rouser of the group. This style unapologetically breaks the design rules and looks fabulous doing it. It can combine elements of several different styles. But while it may appear to be almost chaotic, it is actually well thought out and precise. It is a delightful mixing of styles, but each piece is carefully chosen for its texture, color, and feel. The result is fun, interesting, and maybe a wee bit quirky – but in a wonderful, fashionable way.


Whimsy is very close to bohemian, unconventional, and even eclectic, but it is truly a design style all its own. This carefree style is rich with natural elements that include natural wood, wicker, and bamboo. Live plants also add to the nature inspired, laid back vibe. Typically earthy with beiges, creams, and hunter or sage green but little pops of color add some surprise and fun. If you want a homey, uber relaxed space, this just might be the one.


The free-spirited bohemian interior design style offers unlimited opportunities for individuality in every room. It does not conform to any of the design norms and leans to a more unconventional décor choice. The result is unique and alive with vivid colors and exuberant choices in every part of the room. The style is far from disorganized though. In fact, it is quite stylish and joyful, a fun mish-mash of colors, textures, and accessories.


While tropical style interiors are a little more restrained – but barely. This is a romantic style that has a beachy vibe. It celebrates the sand and sun, lush jungles, and the beauty of nature. The furniture is simple, but the accents steal the show. When you walk into a tropical style space it will give a feeling of being transported to an exotic land with vibrant color palettes and natural materials that reflect the flamboyant beauty of the tropics.


If cozy and homey is your thing, then country styled interiors are right up your alley. These spaces exude warmth and timelessness with a cottage feel. With roots in traditional décor styles like Tuscan, English, Scandinavian, and French, it brings together natural, rustic, and organic accents as well as furnishings. Pottery and natural or painted wood are common elements with patterned fabrics and muted colors. The walls may be stenciled or papered and the whole space warm and balanced.

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