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Interior Design Styles: Rustic, Urban, Bauhaus, Asian/Zen, and Shabby Chic

There are many different interior design styles. They are created to suit specific personalities and cultures. These five styles are very popular today. Who knows? You just might find your next interior design strategy.

Rustic style

The rustic interior design style is a favorite for many due to its warmth, simplicity, and down home appeal. It can be dressed up or dressed down, but it always feels homey. One of the reasons for this style’s popularity is that it is evergreen and is easily incorporated into any space. Country homes commonly feature this design style, but so do city and urban homes.

Rustic has country charm with typically neutral color palettes, featuring shades of brown (often deep), throughout the color spectrum to whitewashed neutrals. The décor is usually handcrafted, often repurposed or salvaged, made of wicker, leather, wrought iron, natural fibers, and wood.

Urban style

The urban interior design style is a little grittier and more raw than other styles. The designs and pieces are all reminiscent of the urban vibe – raw, gritty, and cool. It has a natural inclination toward industrial style. The colors are usually clean with light hues and just a touch of femininity.

Often a great deal of art is incorporated into the space to give the décor interest.

Bauhaus Style

Bauhaus style is creative and a little quirky, a cross between modernism and the arts and crafts movement. With an emphasis on function, it makes art accessible to everyone and makes it a part of everyday life. The art of this style consists of abstract shapes and balanced forms with minimal ornamentation. The colors are often vivid with subtle connections to the pieces, such as a rug that compliments a painting or chairs that are the same vivid blue that is in a piece of art that is the focal point of the room.

The Bauhaus interior design style balances levity and whimsy with comfort and usefulness.

Asian/Zen Style

The Asian or Zen interior design style incorporates Japanese philosophy into your living space. The interiors are focused on consideration, harmony, and balance. It is somewhat minimal which sends a strong message about stillness and silence. The colors are neutral with pops of color for effect and to draw your attention or focus.

Every piece in the space is carefully chosen and placed carefully in specific positions and is free from frills. Efficiency is the top concern.  The materials are usually organic, using natural fibers and wood. It creates a relaxing, reflective space that is welcoming and homey but exudes energy and life.

Shabby Chic

The shabby chic interior design style is a delightful culmination of soft femininity and vintage charm. The spaces are usually airy and light with a delicate balance that hovers between the English cottage vibe and a weathered look.

The influences behind the style are classical but other styles can be picked up as well, such as rustic and modern styles. The colors are romantic, pastels and neutrals – with a distressed quality about them. The materials include linen and cotton for a softness that doesn’t translate so easily to many other design styles.

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