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Breathing Life into Your Home Style

Your home is your personal space. It reflects who you are, what you value, and what inspires you. Finding your own unique style that provides a haven of comfort while revealing glimpses of you are the core of your home style.

Not sure where to start? These tips will help you begin your journey to find inspiration and tap into your individual creativity to design your home, your way so that it is uniquely yours.

Get Inspired

The best way to get inspired is to look at pictures of designs and see what appeals to you. Home design magazines are a great start and even a simple internet search for “home design styles” is sure to give you some ideas. You can also search by room so you can get a more focused selection. Start a Pinterest board to save the design ideas that you like. You can pour over the thousands of images on the platform or go to various sites and save your favorites to your board. If you have a preference for something a little more tangible, a corkboard and push pins work nicely. Put up pictures, fabrics, paint swatches, anything that sparks your fancy.

Take a Tip from Your Wardrobe

Look at the clothing that you like to wear. Do you prefer muted, neutral colors and natural fabrics? Or do you gravitate more to bold colors that make a statement? Do you like texture? Patterns? Do you like having variety and interesting focal points? What about the style itself. Are you a trendy dresser or is your closet full of classic pieces that are timeless? An assessment of your wardrobe can give you great insight into your personal home style. You may want to go for a similar look when you begin selecting furnishings and fabrics for your home décor.

Buy an Anchor Piece and Design Around It

Find a single object that you absolutely love. It can be a piece of custom art, a pretty bowl, a stunning lamp, or even a re-upholstered antique chair. It doesn’t matter as long as it is something that makes you feel joy. Use that as your design anchor and style the rest of the room around that item. Use it to influence the colors, textures, and fabrics that you use. This will help you ground your design style and give you a point of reference. Keep a picture of both the room and that piece in your phone so you can refer back to it as you shop and explore other design ideas for your home.

Take an Online Quiz

An online decorating style quiz can really help you zero in on your personal style. Plus, they’re lot of fun to take. Choose a couple like this HGTV quiz and this one at Houzz to discover the decorating style that speaks to you. When you take the quiz, do so at a time when you won’t be interrupted, distracted, or rushed. Carefully consider each question – but not too much! If a style immediately speaks to you, go with it, even if it isn’t something you think is “you.” You may end up incorporating a couple of different styles for your own unique look.

The important thing to remember here is that you are looking for a reflecting of your lifestyle and personality, not what someone else thinks your style should be. You be you.

At Valley Drapery & Upholstery we are excited to be your partner as you embark on this exciting adventure of discovery. Our wide selection of custom designs, beautiful fabrics, and unique pieces will help you create a space that is all your own. Visit us today to begin your journey and find your home style.

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