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Common Interior Design Terms

When you are working with your designer, they may mention some unfamiliar terms. After all, they have a language all their own. These common interior design terms will help you learn the lingo so that when you work with your designer you will be on the same page.

Interior Design Terms 101

These common terms will have you sounding like a designer yourself:

  • Artistic – Unexpected, unstructured, no rules design style where just about anything goes from quirky art to mismatched furniture.
  • Aspirational – Creating a living space or environment to align with a specific lifestyle preference or goal.
  • Bespoke – Something that is a unique, custom-designed, or created item or piece made especially for you.
  • Chic – Stylish, cool, likable, modern but can work with any design style by adding a pop or touch of something a little extra.
  • Clean – No-frills style that is uncluttered, organized, and linear.
  • Collected – A space with unique items or pieces that have been collected or acquired over a long period, creating interest, character, and depth.
  • Contrived Patina – Markings on surfaces, typically from use or regular wear and tear, that add depth, character, personality, or interest.
  • Conversational – A piece or item that is unique, off the wall, special. It may be expensive or offbeat or crazy. Definitely, something that would spark a conversation.
  • Curated – Design style that draws from history to evoke or incorporate a style that is distinctive and focused.
  • Eclectic – A combination of several different design types or aesthetics that work together to create a certain vibe.
  • Edited – A space that is organized, well thought out, clean, and minimal but not stark or cold.
  • Elevated – A design or style that is heightened by certain elements that enrich or increase its effect or feel.
  • Evolving – A space that is still finding itself.
  • Feng Shui – A design concept that involves the mindful selection and placement of furniture and décor to create a functional space that is balanced, harmonious, and allows for the free flow of positive energy.
  • Honest – A space that is genuine, not contrived or stuffy. It is lived in, relaxed, authentic.
  • Hygge – Cozy, warm and fuzzy, relaxing, and very homey.
  • Inspired – A vibe of balance or harmony in a design.
  • Layered – Using several levels of elements, patterns, textures, or vibes to create a space that is interesting and comfortable.
  • Moody – A design style that is typically darker, more somber, heavier, and includes layers of texture.
  • Refined – A narrow selection of design options that complement each other and reflect grace, elegance, and classic beauty.
  • Reimagined – An environment or living space that has been completely redone or reinterpreted with no constraints or boundaries.
  • Tailored – Classic and refined but not fussy, clean lines, crisp, sharp, very neat and structured. No surprises.
  • Textured – Design style that incorporated a mixture of materials and patterns to give depth and character while stimulating the senses of touch and sight.
  • Timeless – A design style that avoids trends, especially those flash in the pan,” now” design trends. It avoids being dated, an evergreen design.
  • Well Appointed – An item or piece that is crafted with exceptional quality, exquisite, very fine.
  • Whimsical – Fun, relaxed but not messy. A design element that adds a touch of fun or humor, brightens the vibe, or makes you smile.

Sofa, Couch, Divan

Today, sofa and couch are interchangeable terms. However, they are technically different.

  • Sofa – An upholstered seat or bench that has a back and arms so that people can sit on it comfortably.
  • Couch – This actually has its roots in French design. It is a lounge seat that does not have a back support but does have supports at each end. It is very similar to a chaise lounge.
  • Settee – A piece of furniture that is similar to a sofa but is made of wood with a back that is intricately carved, decorative, and elegant.
  • Loveseat – A seat that can seat two people comfortably, similar to a small sofa.

Whether you want an eclectic design or something more refined and timeless, Valley Drapery & Upholstery can help you find the style that is right for you. Call today to make an appointment with one of our creative, talented designers and make your house your home.

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