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There’s So Much More than Just Roller Shades: Wood and Aluminum Blinds 

Roller shades may be a popular choice for window coverings, but have you considered wood or aluminum blinds? The versatility and functionality, not to mention the beauty of these types of blinds make them a great choice for many décor styles in just about any room.

If you haven’t thought about incorporating these types of blinds into your own home décor – or if you haven’t seen them in a while – now’s a great time to take a second look.

Blind Types

Blinds are made up of slats that either run vertically or horizontally to the door or window they are covering. They come in a variety of styles that range from casual to formal, Some of the most popular styles include vertical, Venetian, mini, micro, and panel. Many styles can be motorized for even greater ease.

Many different types of materials are used to construct blinds, but two of the most common are aluminum and wood. Both of these materials offer a great deal of flexibility in color, size, and texture as well as easy care. They can be adjusted to fit off-sized windows or doors and are usually fairly easy to replace.

Ease of Care

Both wood and aluminum blinds should be dusted weekly. This prevents a build-up of grime and dirt that can make cleaning difficult. You should clean your blinds at least twice a year, but some cases may require more frequent cleanings. For instance, a room that is used more often or a climate that is very humid or very dry and dusty may mean that you need to give your blinds a little extra TLC.

Aluminum blinds are easy to clean. A gentle cleanser and a soft cloth will get the job done. Faux wood blinds are typically fine using the same technique.

Cleaning real wood blinds may be a little trickier though. You don’t want to stain the wood or damage it and you certainly don’t want it to dry out so look for a wood cleaner such as is used for wood furniture or wood floors. Dust using a microfiber cloth or duster, then use soft cleaning cloths to gently clean the blinds. Follow it with a wood preservative or lemon oil for the best results.

Color Choices

Part of the beauty of aluminum blinds and wood blinds is the wide variety of color choices. For many, you can get custom colors that match your home’s décor. Even natural wood blinds have a unique beauty that ranges from light balsas to classic oak to deep, rich walnut. Because the wood is natural, there will be slight variances in the patterns which really enhance the beauty.

Aluminum blinds are extremely customizable. You can find them in any color you can imagine, ensuring that your room will be exactly what you envision. Choose a neutral color like beige or white or go bold with statement colors like red, blue, or black that really pop.

The point is to use these types of blinds to create your own design style, so your home truly reflects just who you are.

Choosing the right blinds for your home doesn’t have to be a tedious task. At Valley Drapery and Upholstery, our talented experts will help you find the right blinds for your space.

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